Beginners’ Guide To Nurturing Your Toddler’s Dental Health

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The fact that we can smile proudly only shows that it was duly earned. Every kid has to go through that stage of torment that involves seeing a dentist. It is never exciting news to break to a child especially when the last visit was a nightmare that came to reality. On the bright side, they will look back several years later and thank their parents for putting them through all the pain. The good news is that there are good dentists out there whose core aim is to straighten a child’s smile.

The earlier the better

As a caring parent, you want what’s best for your child. Since this is the case for all parents worldwide, dentists advise on beginning appointments even before they celebrate their first birthday. This way, the dentist can have a look at the development of your child’s teeth. They can even keep track of what’s not right and strive to correct it before it gets worse. Besides, it is easier to monitor a child’s teeth because they are still fresh and not fully developed.

Proper dental care

Since your children are still adjusting to their new set of teeth, they will need all the care and support you can give them. Not to worry if you are a first-time parent. Your child’s dentist will give you all the guidance and coaching you need. You will be guided on what meals to give to your child. The advisable times to brush their teeth is also an important topic to be covered. Not to mention that you will also need to learn how to brush their teeth without hurting them in any way.

Honor your appointment

Your moral obligation as a parent at this stage is to honor the dentist’s appointment. This way, you will be following up on your child’s dental health. It will then prevent any dental issues that might be on the rise. This is the time when the toddlers just can’t stay away from candy. The dentist needs to have been proper look to flush the remnants of sugar out of their roots.

A fun ride

Since we are talking about babies, there is no need to get all serious with them. Find a fun spot to which they can cling when the dental journey gets tough. For example, buying them a toothbrush with their favorite cartoon animations is an agreeable way to start. What’s more, they will begin to look forward to their brushing sessions. Even better, they will be more eager to learn to brush their teeth on their own. You may want to get your camera when this happens because it is a milestone in your child’s life.

A professional touch

Be careful not to entrust your child’s dental health to amateurs. This will only bring you to naught as you try and pick up the broken pieces if this ever happens. Ensure that your child’s dentist is a certified and licensed professional. You will have nothing to worry about when your child begins to kick a fuss. The Pediatric dentist LA – Advanced Dental Concepts will know just what to do to calm them down.

Understanding Tooth Restoration

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Every time you eat, you feel the food stuck in your teeth.
You struggle to get it out and your teeth hurt. If you suffer from this situation, one of your teeth might be damaged, and you might undergo a tooth restoration. What is tooth restoration and how is it done? Read on to understand everything about tooth restoration.

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What is tooth restoration?

If you suffer from tooth decay or your tooth is damaged, you will need a tooth restoration to restore what is damaged from the tooth structure. It is all about restoring your teeth to their original state, or at least into a functional and esthetic state.

Who is qualified to perform a tooth restoration?

General dentists can perform this procedure. A general dentist doesn’t require any additional education or any certification to perform a tooth restoration. However, it all depends on the level of difficulty of the procedure and if the dentist is comfortable in performing it. There are different procedures done in tooth restoration, and many are covered by prosthodontic dentistry which is a dental specialty.

What are the types of tooth restoration?

There are many choices for repairing a damaged tooth. It all depends on the nature of your problem. However, there are two types of tooth restoration. These include the direct tooth restoration and the indirect tooth restoration. The direct method involves placing a filling into the tooth cavity. It can be done in one visit. Depending on the type and location of the filling, your dentist will choose one filling option and use it for the restoration. The indirect method will require multiple visits. It involves customized tooth replacements in the form of crowns which cover all the chewing surface of the tooth, onlays which cover one cusp tip or more, and inlays which lie in the cusps of the tooth. The materials are made in a lab, and that is why you must visit the dentist multiple times to complete the restoration.

Caring for your teeth

Having food stuck in your teeth will lead to having the bacteria in your mouth turning the food into acids. This will cause the formation of plaque which will cling into your teeth and eat away at the tooth enamel. This will ultimately cause cavities and decay. That is why it’s important to practice healthy dental hygiene. Even if you had to have any dental restoration performed, you should continue to take care of your teeth so that you wouldn’t develop a serious condition.

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What to look for when choosing your tooth restoration doctor?

First, make sure that you choose a professional you are comfortable working with. Any damage to your teeth means damage to your smile, and you wouldn’t want that. Make sure that your doctor knows what they are talking about and that they can guide through the procedure and explain why they choose to perform a specific type of tooth restoration.