Medical Marijuana

Different Ways of Consuming Medical Marijuana


Medical marijuana is a beneficial medicine that is used by a wide array of patients that are spread all around the world. It is effective in alleviating symptoms of a vast variety of several medical conditions that don’t typically respond to traditional medications. It has therapeutic properties, which are unable to be duplicated by any other medicines. It also induces a lot less critical side effects when compared to other drugs and pharmaceuticals.

As stated before, there is a wide array of several different benefits of medical marijuana. There are also several different ways of consuming it. When it comes to its method of consumption, each approach has their pros and cons.



To smoke cannabis, you pack some cured marijuana into a pipe, a bong, or rolling paper. Then, you hold a flame to light it up until it combusts so that you can inhale the smoke. Smoking posses its benefits and drawbacks.

The pros of smoking cannabis are its ability to deliver instant relief, its affordability, its multiple options, its capacity of being reasonably simple to regulate dosage, as well as the fact that it is minimally processed.

However, there are also some cons to this method. Smoking can be harmful to your lungs. It is also not a good option if you have asthma or pulmonary damage. Other than that, it can also make you smell like smoke.



Vaporizing, or also known as vaping is a healthier option when compared to smoking. First, you put a small amount of the cured cannabis or extract into a preheated vaporizer. You can also turn concentrates to vape juice by using liquidizers. Then, you press the button and inhale the fumes.

When talking about the drawbacks of vaping, several cons need to be addressed. Vaporizers and vapes can be quite costly and very expensive. You must also always remember to recharge battery powered units. Other than that, the device needs time to warm up and preheat.

There are also benefits and advantages to selecting vaping. The pros include delivering instant relief. It is also a lot less harsh for your lungs when compared to smoking. Plus, it doesn’t make you smell as much as it does with smoking.


marijuanaYou can find many delightful delicacies that contain cannabis. What used to be only homemade brownies, now has evolved into many different and delicious edibles, which include medicated lollipops, cookies, chocolate bars, ice cream, nut mixes, and many other types of food.

The pros include providing you with long-lasting relief, being able to have precise dosage, and being a good alternative for anyone who us averse to inhaling. Plus, it is a great way to indulge yourself by eating a delicious treat.

However, there are also some cons. The drawbacks are that it can take up to several hours for the effects to kick in, it induces a different high than smoking, and it has to be secured from pets and children.