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Choosing Between the Three Binaural Programs

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Advantages of brain entertainment

Mind entertainment is not just scientific but also a logical process. Studies and research have revealed the relationship between conditions like epilepsy, strokes and abnormal brain waves, also the relationship of situational feelings like sleep disorders, chronic stress, and anxiety. Brainwave entertainment is a tool that is used to help the brain learns how to regulate the brain’s activity also assisting in eliminating any medical conditions. Emotional stress is linked to brain activity. Thus, one can re-tune their brain back to its normal weight through brain entertainment, thus achieving calm and peace in return improving the condition of the mind.


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Studies have shown the effectiveness of brain entertainment and below are some of the benefits of brain entertainment using systems like Harmonics, Life flow, and Holonic:

  • Overall well-being and peace.
  • Getting rid of negative emotions, as negative emotions may affect one’s health and state of mind.
  • Improves one’s mental state and creativity
  • Brain entertainment Gives one great and peaceful night sleep.
  • Brain entertainment helps one to relax and meditate.
  •  Brain entertainment Lowers general stress.

Most people use brain entertainment for therapeutic reasons, but others use it for personal reasons like boosting their happiness levels.

The working of brain entertainment

Neurons are the nerve cells that are in the brain. Small bursts of electricity, the neurons communicate with each other. The communication is ongoing at every second of the day. The communication among the neurons at the second to the second interval eventually produces a wave of electricity. The wave is referred to us the brain wave; the wave can be seen through a monitor. The frequency of the wave is measured through cycles per second (Hertz).


There are four primary and two first brain levels measured by the waves. When one is awake and active, the brain moves faster than when someone is asleep and relaxed. In that conjuncture, brain entertainment comes into play. External stimuli can ‘slow down’ the brain waves from a state of alertness and focus to a place of full relaxation. Visual stimuli are the most accessible organ for adjusting the brain’s activity. However audio is the easiest way of amending brain activity.


man in meditation For a more relaxed and calm state of mind different sound frequencies are used to change the brain frequency. The audio that is required to modify the waves of the mind however the audio is at very low frequencies that sometimes the human brain cannot fathom the spectrum.

How To Choose The Right Nootropic

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Selecting the appropriate nootropic can be quite confusing. You will need to put several hours of research. Unfortunately, you may end up being confused. It is important to get it right when it comes to choosing a nootropic. In this post, you will learn some of the most important qualities to look for in brain enhancers.

It is importsome pillsant to note that not each nootropic works the same way. Also, its effect can vary from one person to another. For instance, you may find that a product works for you and you end up recommending it to your friend. However, it fails to work for your friend, he or she may be turned off from the nootropics instead of trying new options. Moreover, the user experience can have several side effects because the product is quite strong for them.

What we recommend

It is necessary to start small. You will realize that small and less complex stack is the better option. You should not start by buying a whole stack and start complaining about side effects or brain fog. This is so because they can be quite overloading the system. It is advisable to begin out with cholinergic. Aniracetam and paracetam are also great for beginners. The option that is great is Noopept. If your response to racetams is not good, you can try noopept. You should avoid going overboard on choline.

Dealing with side effects

When you use high dosages, you are bound to experience side effects. This is a common problem that many people face when they build complicated stack. You can solve the problem when you have few nootropics in the stack as one of them may be the cause of the problems.

The major problem that affects many individuals is brain fog. This issue can manifest itself if you are sensitive to cholinergic changes within the brain. It may cause your neurotransmitter to be affected.

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Best beginner stacks

It is advisable to choose a beginner stack first. Nowadays, there are advanced nootropics can be added to the stack later. Ensure you add a powerful nootropic supplement to your stack. Also, there is a need to add nutrients and vitamins that help your brain to function at optimal efficiency.

What if they do not work

It is important to understand that nootropics are not miracles. They usually take some time to work as they have cumulative effects. In fact, some work great under continued dosing.

General Information About Brain Entrainment


Brain Entrainment also known as Brainwave Entrainment is the brain stimulation into a particular state using electromagnetic field, light or pulsing sound. The method works by eliciting the brain’s ability to follow a frequency, making the waves from the brain align to a specific frequency set by a beat. According to holosync brainwave soundscapes this mechanism is similarly used to induce brainwave states such as trances, increased focus, meditation, relaxation and in some cases, sleep induction. The actions seen in brain entrainment are similar to those prone to epilepsy. When a strobe is flashed aimed at the frequency of the seizure, the brain will immediately capture the light, which in turn will result in a seizure. This type of entrainment can work on anybody. It works best for individuals who find it difficult to set their mind to particular states.

Marketing Of Brain Entrainmentwave

Brainwave entrainment is commonly sold in faculties of hypnotism, weight loss promotion, increasing the IQ, enhanced creativity and artificially induced spiritual states.

The Distribution of the Brainwaves Frequency

Almost every other living human being has a deficiency in a particular type of brainwave. The primary cause for this is an uneven distribution making the brainwave excessive in one area of the brain and deficient in another. The process of boosting brainwaves have very different effect from one person to another. Therefore, this type of entrainment can either be beneficial to an individual or very uncomfortable depending on the starting position of an individual.

Brainwave entrainment could leave some dangerous side effects for an individual who has an alarming sign of a further increase in a certain type brainwaves, which were already in excess. However, practitioners of this kind of entrainment have a way of determining the strength or weakness of an individual’s brain by brain mapping before proceeding with the process.

History of Brain Entrainment

Brain entrainment dated back to the Bronze age where ancient Greeks would use flickering lights shining through spinning wheels to induce certain states of the mind. Therefore brain entrainment is not a new practice. Technological advancements over time have resulted in richer methods of brain entrainment. The more advanced methods use digitally coded audios, strobes of light and electromagnetic field.


caution lineThe following are general guidelines that should be followed to avoid discomfort during brain entrainment
• Side effects mostly start occurring after the process. It is, therefore, advisable not to overdo this exercise.
• The activity should be discontinued immediately if there is an experience of nausea, dizziness, anxiety, increase in heartbeats, hallucinations, convulsions and headaches.
• This exercise is not recommended for people with instability disorders or hyper arousal problems.